SMART Ecosystem 이라는 주제로 컴퓨텍스2012에 참가한 비아. 4F Nangang Exhibition Hall, Booth M0311 June 5 th-9th

6월5일부터 9일까지 5일동안 진행하는 컴퓨텍스에서 비아가 어떤 제품을 선보일 지 기대가 되는 가운데 비아 페이스북에 첫날 사진이 공개되었습니다.

작년보다 훨씬 멋있어진 부스. 다양한 디스플레이를 볼 수 있습니다.

상단에 SMART Ecosystem이라 적혀있는 모형물이 눈에 띕니다.

비아 부스 현장에는 아름다운 VIA Girl도 함께하고 있어요~

VIA Artigo를 들고 있는 비아걸.

마지막으로 VIA의 3D Printer 앞에서 포즈를 잡아봅니다.

현재 비아는 컴퓨텍스2012에서 Smart Signage, Smart Hospitality, Smart Travel, Smart Healthcare, Smart Education, Smart 3D Printing 제품을 선보이고 있다고 하니 소식이 들어오는 대로 블로그에 올리도록 하겠습니다.

Come Explore the VIA Smart Ecosystem at Computex 2012

Come explore the VIA Smart Ecosystem at Computex 2012 and learn how VIA is leading the way for the creation of next generation Smart solutions for a truly interconnected world.

>> VIA Smart Ecosystem Solutions

  • Smart Signage
  • The VIA digital signage solution, widely used in hotels, airports, and train stations, is powered by VIA AMOS-5002 slim, rugged, fanless embedded system.
    In addition, you will experience the benefits of running Android on an x86 platform. It offers increased flexibility, great multimedia support and cost saving advantages for embedded applications such as interactive kiosks.
  • Smart Hospitality
  • Together with the solution partner, VIA presents an in-room hotel automation solution. A hotel guest can use one single remote to control all in-room facilites including door, TV, speaker, lighting, air conditioning, curtains, and phone. Our partner uses the slim, low profile VIA EITX-3002 Embedded Board to create the thin client as the main device in this solution to save space for the hotel.
  • Smart Travel
  • The eBus Video-On-Demand entertainment system allows passengers to enjoy long distance bus tours by enjoying movies, music, and games of their choice. Passengers can also access to internet to check email, use social networks or even online shop. The server is based on the VIA EPIA-M850 Mini-ITX Board, a compact platform for a full range of multimedia applications.
  • Smart Healthcare
  • You will see a portable ultrasound device, powered by VIA VB7001 Mini-ITX Board; and WindRiver VxWorks, a real time OS demonstration, which is commonly used in mission critical environments such as healthcare devices.
  • Smart Education
  • You will see a text-to-speech solution, which transfers text into speech in a variety of different languages. This solution has been developed by our partner using a VIA VB8004 Mini-ITX Board, a dual core computing platform which provides a scalable multi-display platform for advanced digital signage and gaming applications.
  • Smart 3D Printing
  • A 3rd industrial revolution is taking place due to the advanced technology and lower cost of 3D printers. VIA combines the 3D printer with a VIA VE-900 Mini-ITX Board into an all-in-one machine allowing users to create, modify and print their unique 3D files into physical objects with a simplified user interface supporting Ubuntu and Android operating systems.

    >> VIA Smart Ecosystem Buildings Blocks

    You will also see a full array of VIA's industry leading x86 multicore and ARM based platforms, state of the art audio and USB 3.0 solutions as well as Android for both ARM and x86.

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